Nami Surgical present progress at Ultrasurge 2023

Nami Surgical was invited to give an update at the Ultrasurge Annual meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Nami Surgical is a spin-out from the programme grant Ultrasurge, which is a 5-year programme investigating ultrasound in surgery. Supported by a programme grant from EPSRC for over £6m in funding, Ultrasurge looks into a series of interrelated themes around the effect of ultrasound on tissue, the miniaturisation of ultrasound transducers, and using external robots to direct ultrasound tipped robot tentacles to the surgery site within the body.

Nami Surgical was pleased to meet key members of the ultrasonic and medical communities. It was a fantastic opportunity to give a perspective to PhD students, senior researchers, clinicians, and academics of what is achievable in the real world. There is an outstanding clinical need for smaller, safer, and more manoeuvrable ultrasonic medical devices that will severely benefit patient outcomes in robotic surgery.